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Words that are mispronounced

Very often, English students happen to discover new words that make their day a lot easier. But they forgot to check its pronunciation, and for that, they will pay the price.

That means you will not be understood at all and we all know that it can mean a lot of troubles.

No one wants that to happen, so, watch yourself and do not forget to check every new word you learn. Here you will find only a few ones that are mispronounced almost one hundred percent of the time they are spoken, and that happens not only with rookies, but also with professionals in the language and even people that were born in the language. Do not be afraid of mispronouncing, this happens more often than we all want to remember!
FRUIT (Fruta) is pronounced like FROOT

SUBTLE (Sutil) is pronounced like SUHT-L

QUEUE (Fila) is pronounced like the letter KYOO

DRAUGHT (Corrente de ar) is pronounced like DRAFT

CHAOS (Caos) is pronounced like KEY-OS

MISHAP (Contratempo) is pronounced like MIS-HAP

LETTUCE (Aface) is pronounced like LET-ISS

WOMB (Útero) is pronounced like WOOM

PARADIGM (Paradigma) is pronounced like PAR-UH-DAHYM

INFAMOUS (Infame) is pronounced like IN-FUH-MUhS


Pessoal, encontrei um vídeo muito bacana em que uma teacher dá algumas outras dicas de pronúncia de mais palavras. Acompanhe:


Jair dos Santos Trindade – teacher da unidade Capão Redondo.


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