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Thor: The Dark World

Thor - The Dark World

All of us know that movies, trailers, titles and others phrases and words lost the meaning and even the original idea in other countries, in other languages. We must think that translators are responsible to make a foreign movie attractive in their country, so they do some adaptations.

However, if we translate all the phrases and words, we can misinterpret the whole expression, as a matter of fact, if we don’t have the whole conception of culture, habits and figures of language, the original phrase gets meaningless.

Let’s try this idea watching a movie trailer and answering the questions to practice our listening and comprehension skills.

Thor: The Dark World.

First watch the trailer only in English and try to answer the questions.

In the end you have the answers to check.



1) What did Thor say to his sweetheart?

a) I will return

b) I will turn

c) I will burn


2) What has being said about the darkness?

a) It has survived

b) It has a Hive

c) Deserves to die


3) When Thor hold his sweetheart tight, he says to her:

a) Hold on

b) Hold up

c) Hold me


4) Complete the question: What would you sacrifice …:

a) for what you believe

b) for your beliefs












  1. A
  2. A
  3. A
  4. A



See you!!


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