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The Road To Heaven

road to heaven1

A nurse called Mika works in a hospital in the oncology wing. One day she had a call from the reception that there will be a new patient, so she went to meet another person that have this terrible disease.

Mika saw in a wheelchair, an old man, with blue eyes, bald, a little skinny .

The nurse realized that most patients start the treatment with a sad smile, but this particular man had a big, happy and large smile, and is ready to fight.

road to heaven2

Mika started to doubt the faith of the man, thinking that his happiness is because the death is nearby, and started to talk to him to find out what is going on with this old, happy and terrible sick man.

–          Why are you so happy Mr.? – asked the nurse.

–          I’m happy because you are here with me.  – answered the old man.

–          Don´t you have anybody else to be with you?

–          No, my wife has died about 10 years ago; my son is in Italy with his family, all my others relatives are dead, so I have to win this alone.

–          I’m so proud of you that you think that way – said the nurse.

–          I’m not thinking….I know. – respond the old man.

–          How do you know it?

–          Young girl – started the old man – I have participated in 2 world wars, cold war, all the naturals disasters, violence, fires, and all this events are nothing and this disease is the same thing…

–          But you have survived all these years…

–          Exactly, I have survived all those things.

–          Alone?

–          That´s the sad part, after all my relatives gone, I started to believe that we all die alone, in the right time, in the right place.

–          So, don´t you think that way anymore?

–          No, I still think that way.

–          So why do you think that you are not going to die here?

–          Because I´m not alone, you are here with me and this room it’s terrible, we have to set up this room, so I can pass to another world, we don’t have flowers, books, colors, and we must change that!! We have a lot to do….

When the old man finished his phrase, that big, large and happy smile appeared again.

–          Why are you  smiling my new friend? – asked the nurse.

–          It is going to be a long, long set up… – said the old man with a big smile…



road to heaven3




Let´s practice our comprehension of text:


What is the meaning of “set up” in this story?

The title “the road to heaven” is according to the text? Why?


I hope you liked  and think about this beautiful story!


See you soon




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