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Tell, talk, say or speak, what should I use?


talk, speach, tell, say

In general it is hard to say which word we must use:  “tell, talk, say, or speak”.

It´s almost always a big question, full of doubts, and it´s completely understandable because all these words are referring to the same sort of activity.

Let´s see the differences


To say

Generally, “say” is used to introduce a mention, tell what someone said:

Paul said: I don’t like lies (Paul disse: eu não gosto de mentiras)

I say the truth all the time ( Eu digo a verdade o tempo todo)


To tell

When we say for who we say something, we use “tell”:

Paul told me that he doesn´t like lies ( Paul me contou que não gosta de mentiras)

I tell stories to my little sister every night ( Eu conto estórias para minha irmãzinha toda a noite)


To talk

“Talk” is often used to refer to a chatting between two or more people and in the most of the cases is followed for “to”:

The teacher talked to the students the whole class (O professor conversou com os alunos a aula inteira)

I talk to my grandparents every weekend ( Eu converso com meus avós todo final de semana)


To speak

“Speak” in other way is usually used to talk about the ability of speak another language or to talk to a group of people about an specific subject.

I speak English very well. (Eu falo inglês muito bem)

The teacher spoke to the class how it is important to study. (O professor disse a classe como é importante estudar)


See you…


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