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Meals in English speaking countries

A meal is an occasion during the day in which we eat. The places in which they are held, their composition and other characteristics are related to the society and time in which they are taken. For example, English and American breakfasts can be very different. Just like the bread we eat today is different from the bread people ate during Middle Ages.


Meals can also vary according to the society’s culture in which they happen. Having a light or heavy meal during the day, during the night or not having it at all is related to other habits people have like their jobs and occupations, beliefs, or even the region where they are.



Three meals in a day

In English speaking countries, there are three basic meals: breakfast (the first meal, taken during the morning, generally when you wake up), lunch (a light meal taken in the middle of the day) and dinner (a heavy meal taken at night).




It is the first meal of a day, taken before going to work or school. It can be composed of bread, jams, milk, toasts or cereals as in Brazil, or eggs, sausage, pancakes, bacon, as in USA. Especially in England, eating porridge is very common too.






Composed by sandwiches, soups, rice, potatoes, it is generally the second meal of the day. Differently from Brazil, Lunch in English speaking countries is a light meal, made just to wait to have dinner at home. Sandwiches are very iconic of USA lunches. For England, fish and chips are well known all over the world.





In English speaking countries, it is the most important meal of the day. It is a heavy meal which can be composed of potatoes, pasta, rice and all kinds of meat and vegetables.

Fake homemade dinner


Other meals

There are still other meals people take. Although less common than the everyday meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), they can be pretty normal, especially in countries or regions of countries. Some of them are elevenses, brunch, picnic, tea and supper.



Most common in United Kingdom, this meal was common in United States until the 19th Century. As its name indicates, it is taken around 11 a. m. and it is composed of light drink or snack, like tea or coffee, and cake or cookies. In “Winnie-The-Pooh” book series, the characters take elevenses and Pooh enjoys bread and honey.




This meal is a combination of breakfast and lunch. It can be taken in late morning or early afternoon. It was invented in England in the late 19th century and became very famous in United States during the 1930’s. In Canada, brunches are common, in particular on the Sundays.




A meal eaten outdoors is known as a picnic. Generally it is composed by finger food, sandwiches, fruits, pies, cakes, sodas, or even a barbecue. Picnics are very well known all around the world due to its depiction on painting, cinema and advertisements.




Predominantly in the northern region of England, a supper is a light snack late in the evening. It can be composed by cakes, tea, cookies and milk.




A tea is a light meal taken during different occasions during the day. The most common kinds of tea are the Afternoon Tea, which is taken typically at 4 p. m., and the High Tea, which is taken in the high evening, especially in United Kingdom. Although being taken in different times of the day, both teas are composed by small sandwiches, cakes, muffins, coffee, milk, and, of course, tea.



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