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Logical Challenge – “Girls at School”

logical challenge Have fun and practice your English knowledge to solve this Logical Challenge.

In this problem, five friends are sitting in the same row, side by side, in a school.

Each girl wants to drink a different a juice, wants to travel to a different city, and has a different favorite subject.

Beside these things, each girl has a different backpack and pet. Follow the tips and find out which girl has a cat as a pet.

Come on, try to solve by yourself and then check your answers with the full table in the end.     LOGICAL CHALLENGE

  • Joana likes pineapple juice
  • The girl who has a hamster likes to study Arts
  • Ana’s favorite juice is lemonade
  • Jessica is on Renata’s left
  • Pati  is the first one on the left
  • The girl on the right likes to study Arts
  • The one who drinks Oranje Juice has a horse
  • The person who likes lemonade is in the middle
  • Jessica’s bag is green
  • The girl who likes pineapple juice is next to the one who’s going to travel to Fernando de Noronha
  • The girl on the left of the girl in the middle is going to Florianopolis
  • Who wants to travel to Recife has a yellow bag
  • The girl who has a red bag is going to Fernando de Noronha
  • The first one on the left has a yellow bag
  • The girl who has a blue bag has a dog
  • The girl who likes Biology is sitting next to the girl who has a hamster
  • The girl sitting on the right of the girl who likes History, likes Mathematics better
  • Who likes orange juice is next to the girl who likes passion fruit juice
  • The girl who has a black bag is going to RJ
  • The girl who likes strawberry has a bird as pet
  • The girl who likes Biology is next to the one that likes Portuguese
  • Jessica is going to spend her vacations in Salvador
Girl  1Girl  2Girl  3Girl  4Girl 5
Bag’s colors

Names of the girls: Pati, Jéssica, Joana, Renata and Ana

The colors of the bags: blue, yellow, green, red and black

The pets: hamster, horse, cat, dog and bird

The subjects: Arts, Biology, History, Portuguese and Mathematics

The places: Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis, Recife and Fernando de Noronha

The juices: orange, lemonade, strawberry, passion fruit and pineapple.



I hope you liked!!


Now check your answers!






_________Girl  1Girl  2Girl  3Girl  4Girl 5
Bag’s colorsYellowBlueRedGreenBlack
PlacesRecifeFlorianopolisFernando de NoronhaSalvadorRio de Janeiro
JuicesStrawberryPineappleLemonadeOrangePassion Fruit

See you soon!


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