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In Evolutime Diadema, we have a teacher who lived in Calgary, Canada, for a year as a caregiver. Her name is Bruna Genesini and now she is 24 years old. She lived there during her 22 to 23 years and she is going to share with us her experience.


To be a caregiver, first, you need to find a host family. The host family needs to apply for your Work Visa and they need to prove that they have not found any Canadian person who fitted the profile they are looking for. Then, you need to attest to the family that you have experience working with kids or ancient people. You are going attest it filling in a government record. Doing so, you need to send it to the Canadian Government and if you were approved, you are going receive a letter from them. If you were not approved, you can try again. Being approved, you are going have a personal interview with a government agent. This person will ask you some personal and professional questions, and in the end, they will tell you can have the Work Visa or not.


Now Bruna is going to give us an interview telling how was her experience with the host family:


My host family was amazing! My host mom was kind of my oldest sister – we had wonderful moments. I could feel like I was part of the family. We went out together, my host mom and I had a lot of girl’s night watching movies and eating candy. She always made everything for me to make me feel more comfortable. I have never had any problem with them.

My host dad was a quiet guy and was always travelling, but we had an amazing time together too. We always talked about hockey and barbecue.

My host kid was such a cute baby. He was like my younger brother – he was 1 year old. It was tough for me being apart from him. I still miss him so much!






I lived in Calgary, Alberta and there is -40º Celsius degrees. You cannot go out with wet hair or any part of your body, or it can freeze. You need to have specific and warm clothes and shoes, to walk on the snow. You cannot go out without sunglasses on the snow when it’s sunny outside because the snow is really glowing and it can disturb your vision. You need a really good moisturizer because your skin is going to be really dry. If it’s really cold like – 40º Celsius degrees, you can have a frostbite and it’s such a terrible feeling. A good choice is to use nipple cream – it is so much useful for pregnant women there, because of its action as a moisturizer.











Canadians are really host and warm people. The country is beautiful, but extremely cold. But it worths!”



1A Teacher Bruna Genesini dá aulas de inglês em Diadema. Se gostou desse post, curtam e compartilhem esse blog ^___^



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