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Life choices – job interview

Let us pretend for a moment that you are in the middle of a job interview. The interviewer has asked you many questions about your professional life, about your vision and your skills. He is willing to call you next week and offer you a good job The job that you were waiting for. However, when he looks at your CV, he sees that you lack one skill. The one that will make the difference in this particular job.


From now on, he will act a little harsher than before, because he cannot offer a job to someone who does not have the right qualifications, so, both you and him, are losing time. You will not get the job this time because, when you were fifteen, you asked your mother for a new smartphone or a video-game console. When you were eighteen and got your first job, you bought the collection of movies and series you always wanted. When you were twenty-one, you thought it would be a good idea to spend money with things that would end faster than you thought. All this time, you spent money with things that would not make that much of a difference in your life. Never have you thought about learning something new. Now, you are sitting on a chair, starring at a man that cannot help you with your job application. In addition, you think, “if only I had studied another language”, “if only I had learned how to work with the internet”, “if only I had listened when I was with my teachers…”
Today, job market, is looking for people more qualified, after all, they are the ones who supposedly will be the best worker. That is why we have to decide to invest in ourselves. We all need to keep studying, keep learning, keep teaching and growing. So that one day we will not need to go back home thinking…what if…
Everything has a price, and if we are eager to achieve great things, we have to be eager to do great sacrifices. It is hard to stop investing on what will bring happiness, but we also have to think in our future. Life is short, and we have to keep moving, keep making choices. We cannot stop thinking about our future; we should not be stay on the same job forever.

Jair Trindade, instrutor de Inglês


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