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Let’s Travel Around U.S.

The Unites States are a very big country. Even bigger than Brazil. So there are lots of different cultures, accents, cuisines and so on.

There are 50 states (each one has a star in the American flag). Check out their characteristics and choose the one you think is the most interesting to know first.




There are lots of ways of dividing and classifying a country. The most common one when it comes to US is a division between West, Midwest, South and North-East.



Alabama was the first state to have a police emergency number (911) in 1968. It was also the first state that rescinded the right of men beating their wives.


The Northern Lights are an amazing natural show made by electrical particles that can be seen in this state.

Alaska (Foto: Freepik)


This state is known by being the sunniest of all. It is the only state that doesn’t follow the Daylight Saving Time.


Arkansas was the first place to have a toothbrush in America thanks to Dupont Industries that started to manufacture them.


Besides Hollywood, California is famous for its great economy (if it were a country, it would be the seventh biggest economy in the world) and for the feasts envolving avocado as well.

Palms Road, California (Foto: Freepik)


It is the least obese state in all the country, maybe thanks to the great number of outdoor activities in there.


This is a state with two very curious facts: it is where frisbee was invented (on Yale University) and it is the state with more twins births in all America.


Delaware is considered a state of science and knowledge –  it has more engineers and scientists than any other state.


This state has the biggest city in America: Jacksonville (874.3 square miles). However, they are known for a great contribution to the world: the air conditioning technology.

Florida (Foto: Freepik)


There, in 1886, John Pemberton produced the first Coke in the world.


Maybe thanks to their beaches or maybe thanks to its natural beauty, In average Hawaiians live 5 years more than people from other states.


A very precious device was invented in Idaho: the TV set, in Rigby, 1922.


Illinois is the most corrupt state in the US, with governors being investigated and even arrested. However, it was the first state to abolish slavery.

Chicago, Illinois (Foto: Freepik)


This state has something very curious: it is considered Santa Claus’ home. They even receive a half million letters a year.


Iowa has two good rates: It is the state where people read more and also the state with less cases of divorces in America.


Besides being home for Dorothy (and even presenting an exact replica of the house of “The Great Wizard of Oz”), Kansas was the first state to have a female mayor – Susana M. Alter, in Argonia.


Kentucky has two facts that go on opposite directions: it is the state with the highest percentage of people living below the poverty line, but it is also the home to more economically disadvantaged students in all the country.

Kentucky flag (Foto:Freepik)


This is the state with the largest capital building.


Home to Stephen King (the writer), this state has the least violent crimes registered.


Maryland has two firsts: the first Ouija Board (in Baltimore in 1892) and the first Naval Academy.


This state also made history when it was the first one to legalize same sex marriage.


Fremont is considered the world capital of baby food. It is also home to Gerber.


Minnesota is well known for its worry about education and schools.


Besides the river and its accent, Mississippi is famous for having performed the first lung transplant in all the world.

Minneapolis, Minnesota (Foto: Freepik)


Do you know Missouri is the birthplace of ice cream cone? Well, yes, it is.


Women also made history in Montana: there a woman took part in the congress for the first time – Jeanette Rankin, in 1916.


If there is another state which has more twins being born, Nebraska is the one with more triplets being born.


Despite its name, Nevada is a famous state for its hot springs, and also for Las Vegas, of course.

New Hampshire

Only 7.8% of people in New Hampshire lived below the poverty level in 2008.

New Jersey

New Jersey is a good state to spend your money: there is a big number of shopping malls and of  places to have dinner as well.

New Mexico

As it was expected by its name, New Mexico elected the first Latin American president.

New York

The most famous state in the US, New York offers highest salaries and diversity.

New York (Foto: Freepik)

North Carolina

People in this state saw the first born in America and the first Krispy Kreme doughnut.

North Dakota

North Dakota is the right center of America.


Most library visits per capita are made in Ohio. And maybe that is the reason why they elected the first black mayor.


Brad Pitt was born in here.


Famous for their brilliant and colorful hills.


This state made not only the first flag in America, but also the first smiley :).

Rhode Island

Rhode Island has the oldest library and bar in America. Diversity is seen there.

South Carolina

This state is home for the biggest gingko farm in all the world.

South Dakota

This state was the only one in all America that has never seen an earthquake EVER.


Tennessee is home for the barbecue sauce and Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.


Besides the cowboys, Dr. Pepper was invented there.

Dallas, Texas (Foto: Freepik)


Utah has seen the first department store in all US.


It is a state without two things: Billboards and McDonald’s.


Home of the world’s largest office building, The Pentagon.


Washington is considered a very bicycle-friendly state.

West Virginia

This was the state that gave origin to the myth of the moth man.


The ice cream sundae was invented there in 1881. They also created the first kindergarten in America.


Women voted there for the first time in America.



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