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Let´s Listen: Iron Man III

I think that everybody loves movies!! Well, I do, so I did this activity about a super expected movie that will star in May,2013. Iron Man 3

iron man poster

Watch the trailer and answer the questions:


1         –  In the beginning Mr.Stark (the Iron Man) says :

A – he has to make some apologies

B –  he has to make some changes

C – he has to make some things


2         –  Can Mr.Stark (the Iron Man) sleep?:

A – Yes, he can

B –  No he can´t

C – In the trailer there isn´t this information


3         – What is the animal named in the trailer?

A – bee

B –  dog

C – sheep

D – cat


4         –  the bad guy (the bad voice) consider himself as a…:

A – king

B –  genius

C – teacher

D – terrorist



Confirm your answers below in the comments!





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