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Indefinite Article – “A” & “An”

A and AN

Indefinite article

“A” and “An” in English means “um” or “uma” in Portuguese. They are used before singular countable nouns,  but there are some rules to use these words correctly.


  • “A”  is used before nouns that begin with a consonant sound:

Anna is a teacher.

My uncle is a doctor.

There is a hospital nearby.


  • “A” is used before a vowel that has a consonant sound:

USP is a university.


  • “An” is used before nouns that begin with a vowel sound:

Paul is an engineer.

My cousin is an actor.


  • “An” is used before an “H” that is silent:

In an hour, I´m back.


Let´s practice:

Complete the sentences with “a” or “an”


1.  I have _____  friend that lives in NY.

2.  I ate _____ orange.

3.  John wants to have ______ dog.

4.  I saw ______  old man screaming on the street. That was so weird.

5.  Most people exercise only one time _____ week.

6.  I want _____ glass of wine please.

7.  I´m writing ____ essay to my English course.

8.  I wore _____ evening dress to go to the party last night.


Confirm your answers in the comments below….


See you



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