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The big question…

Sometimes we ask ourselves how come there are so many successful people near us, successful people that love their everyday routine, everything and everybody that surrounds them. They are always nice and willing to volunteer and help, always giving the best of them to what and who they work with, with a great smile on their face, nothing or aparently nothing goes wrong with them.

You name these people as “Lucky” – they are the face of success and you can be as well – then, you ask yourself “How?”, but it is not easy! You need to make a great effort not just on physical work but on little attitudes and behaviors you have by some situations on daily routine, situations those that come by surprise, unexpected situations that we don´t know how to deal with them.

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First of all, calm down!

Nobody is a superhero! But there is a solution for everything, except for the death! Secondly, think on all possible solutions, try all them out, take the risk. Sometimes we get stuck on old concepts that does not allow us to try and succeed with something new. Third, weigh the pros and cons – if the pros are more than the cons, take the risk!


Renew your knowledge

Not just professional knowledge – but your entertaining sources as well. The internet is full of many sources besides that there are many public libraries around the city.


At work

Try to find out the difficulties in another area. Challenge is great but working in group is even better. What is the point of only you gaining all the prizes?

When only one star shines on a cloudy sky it looks irrelevant but when millions of stars are shinning together, we have a great view from nature. Together we are more than most.


Think positive

Don’t be selfish, a good team is the one that can have good personal trainers, players and coach. We weren’t born alone, neither we live alone we all walk together as a team to the best of everybody. Don’t wait for the change to happen, be you the change that you want to happen and let’s go to the victory!


Prindasost elaborado pela instrutora de Inglês da Evolutime Diadema – Barbara de Oliveira Faria Amaral – e revisado pela Coordenadora da unidade, Michelli Cabral.



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