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Error vs Mistake: What´s the difference?



Synonyms are words with the same or similar meanings.  However, according to the context, there are appropriate ways to use them.

“Error” and “mistakes” are our focus today:

Error vs Mistake

These both words refer to a wrong action by inattention, fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness.

But how can I know how to use these words properly?

Well, it was said that depends according to the context, so, it´s about context that we are going to talk

Many people say that “error” is more severe and formal than “mistake”. In other hand, people say that “error” is used in formal or technical contexts while mistake is more common in English conversation



To really realize the correct use of these words, let´s check the examples:



It was a computer error (Foi um erro do computador)

They committed an error of math (Eles cometeram um erro de matemática)

The accident was caused by an human error (O acidente foi causado por um erro humano)


Remember that in common sense, error is more formal than mistake and it is used to technical subjects.




I made a mistake

He doesn´t accept your mistakes

In the document there are some spelling mistakes


Remember that in common sense, mistake is less formal than error and it is used in casual English conversation.



See you!


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