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English for computer noobs


Do you think that you are the only one that can’t understand half of the words that our technical support guy is talking about?

Even for Americans, there are some expressions on the computer’s club that are misinterpreted for something funny or having no sense at all.

Let ´s try some phrases most used by computer technicians:

–          Sorry, but your hardware is obsolete, you need an over clock…

Let´s see from another angle.

“Hardware” is used when the technician wants to talk about the pieces that are inside the computer, not some rigid, stiff fork or metal case.

OVER CLOCK – means that the technician can improve the velocity of the processor (hardware).


Let’s see another:

–          Press F2 or Del to SETUP.

What? So it is a button that you press that can set all things UP? NO! but it is the first step of the way, SETUP is a Screen that you can change the configurations that the fabricant put for default.


press del


–          You can always make your computer fastest cleaning your registry.

Wait…My computer is not in the kitchen, my laptop does not have a sink, and how can I clean something that already hold water?

Registry, actually, it’s a folder on the computer that hold information about the programs that you install, uninstall, delete or are gone because of the viruses. Cleaning them helps the operating system to run without problems.

clean register

I hope you enjoy, post some expressions that computer technicians use that you cannot understand.


See you


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