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10 tips to improve your English

I listed 10 tips to help you to improve your English. Take a look:

10 tips.1

1.  The first step: you have to like English. If you don´t, you won´t learn it. Nobody learns easily something that sounds like an obligation and think it´s boring. You have to find something that makes you have fun with it, so you can learn easily something that you enjoyTry to learn 5 new words by day.

2.  Try to learn 5 new words by day

3.  Try to think in English

4.  English must be part of your life, your routine, so try to listen, speak, write and read in English as much as you can every day.

5.  Take that movie that you love and enjoy watching it over and over again and watch it in English with subtitles in English, after that, try to watch it again, but now with no subtitles. You know the story, so you can really pay attention in what those characters are saying, checking pronounce, vocabulary and expressions used.


6.  Be curious, research, study, try to understand, ask questions…be curious!

7.  Use the internet to learn more, looking for sites totally in English like magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc…

8.  When you read or listen something in English, try to ignore the word that you don´t know and pay attention on those words that you already know, so in the context, you can understand the message.

9.  Copy texts in English regularly, because this helps you to memorize more vocabulary and the grammar structures.

10.  Try to memorize your favorite songs in English and sing loud to yourself



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