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05 Mistakes English Learners Make

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Many English students enjoy learning English, but, in other hand, there are a lot of English students that think it is hard and boring learning this important language.

So, I listed 05 Mistakes English Learners Make that turn this interesting process in something really unpleasant.


1. Do you think it is going to be fast?

Maybe the merchandising on TV with many canned English products and courses gives a false impression that is possible become an English fluent speaker in a few weeks or classes. This is motivated by those who need to learn English fast and for those who wants to make money with it.

It´s normal people realize that they need to Learn English when they are going to travel abroad, or are going to do a job interview for example, but in fact, in these kind of situations people must had already started to learn a long time ago to supply their nowadays needs.

English is not a canned product!! It´s a process!



2. Have a goal

English student usually have different goals. There are those that need technical English for technical processes in the company, there are those that need English for a promotion or for a meeting with foreign corporations, there are those that need to travel around the world, others need to study international researches …

The point is that different needs need different ways to learn.

You have to realize what is your real need and goal. What kind of English do you need, is just for traveling, or for business?

And to finish this topic, it´s important to understand: what is fluent English for you, according to your needs, maybe is not for another person according to his or her needs.


3. Do you think that one day you´ll finish your English studies?

When we start to study English is normal think: “in one or two years studying hard I will say that I can speak English, and then I will stop studying”

Let me tell you something: this is not going to happen.


When you start to study a foreign language you start to realize also that this is an endless process, because always there is something that you didn´t face before, and at least, you have to take a look in a dictionary to learn one more new word or expression. Beside this, always you have to practice the language learned or you will forget it. I know, it´s sad, but it´s true.

4. What kind of student are you?

Many people ask me if is better to study with a private teacher or in a school, but always my answer is the same: It depends! What kind of student are you? You have to know yourself and feel what is your style, what do you feel is more efficient for you!

There are people that like to work in group, so in this case is better to study in a school, but there are a lot of people or with uncommon free time or those that don´t like to work in group and in these cases a private teacher is better because of the flexibility of time and because it´s individual.

And to choose the best option for you I finish this topic asking you again: Do you know yourself? What kind of student are you?


5. Do you think that attend the classes is enough to learn a foreign language?

Normally the Languages Schools offer 3 weeks hours, but this is never enough. Think with me: this is not even 1% of your month, so how can you learn a foreign language that you don´t have contact beyond that 3 hours, it´s impossible!! I bet that sometimes you have to look at the dictionary to try to understand your own mother language!!!

It´s your obligation as a good student to turn this 3 weeks hours in 30 weeks hours, just with simple actions like watching movies only with subtitles, translating your favorite songs, reading pages in English on internet, having the curiosity to look for that word that you didn´t know what is the meaning, playing videogame, in other words including English in your day by day.

You are the only responsible for your learning. Everything is in your hands. Don’t blame the school, the teacher or the method, because if they don’t supply your needs, you have to have the attitude to change and look for what it’s really good for you. Remember that:  what works for a person maybe doesn’t work for you, and this is normal. The important thing is, that you have to realize that and go after your goal without excuses.

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